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“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned,
you will realize that you cannot eat money”
- Cree Indian Prophecy
Illustration by weiyena wei, 2021
Illustration by weiyena wei, 2021
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about me


Weiyena Wei is a graphic designer/illustrator with a strong passion for animal rights, sustainability, and communicating climate change. Originally from China and now based in Central America, she specialises in supporting ethical and vegan projects internationally. She was awarded the 'Design as Environmental Activism' in 2020 by Birmingham City University in the UK. Through Wei's dedication to animal welfare, her work has been featured in PETA, The Save Movement, Greenpeace Africa, Green Queen HK, The Dolphin Project, Plastic Tides, and LOOP. Wei is also the Co-founder of the organisation asearth, which supports various charities and organisations while saving dogs from meat trade in China.


Co-founder:  Asearth

Senior Designer: Vegan Hacktivists

Graphic designer:  



@Elephant Protection Initiative  

@Eco Resolution



@Cara Delevingne 

@BeautyPlus App 


Articles & Interviews

Articles & Interviews

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