Plastic Home

Plastic is the home for countless animals in the oceans and we need to take better care of the ocean. These posters illustrate the impact of plastic in the ocean focusing on marine animals and humans.

Developing from the handcrafts I made before, I designed this series of posters for Greanpeace Africa as social media takeover for 3 days.

Greenpeace Africa
Plastic make up three-quarters
of sea turtles diet
Dying whale swallowed
88 pounds of plastic
Plastic pollution leads to the deaths of
millions of marine bird species each year
During covid-19, 129 billion masks and 65 billion gloves are being used each month
Microplastic enter marine food web, then contaminate human food chain.
Albatrosse die from consuming plastic
mistaken for food.
It takes 500 - 1000 years
for plastic to degrade.
Lost fishing nets
tangling marine animals
爽肤水地方_画板 1 副本.png

© 2020 by Weiyena Wei