Illustration by weiyena wei, 2018


I am Weiyena Wei, a graphic designer & illustrator based in UK working on graphics, branding, visual identities, campaigns, art and illustration. I am originally from China and my passion is sustainability, marine animals, plastic and plant-based life. 

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Design work in 2020

Projects about plastic impacts on the oceans, marine animals and humans during pandemic.

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plastic home series.jpg


Spanish Campaign

turtle poster.png
Vaquita Poster.jpg
mask poster.jpg

Awareness Poster -

Baby Sea Turtle Dying in Pacific Garbage Patch

Awareness Campaign -

Protect Vaquita

Webinar Poster-

Sustainable Fashion

Awareness Poster -

Mask Pollution During Covid-19

Logo & Branding Projects

Commercial visual Identity system design, branding, personalized service.

Cafe Logo-

Design work in 2017-2019

Projects around APP UI&UX, packaging, branding, illustrations, visual identities, children books and art. 

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