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ALLFORYOU:Packaging Design

All for You (僅你) is a gift box for women menstrual products, and it is a product to be marketed by Shenzhen Meise Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. Targeted at the Chinese market, I have changed the traditional consumer group dominated by women, and made males as the buyers. In addition, I made sanitary napkins as gifts, thus creating material benefits and emotional resonance.A special brand story was created to stand among the similar products with elegance style to avoid embarrassment and maintain warm care and tenderness. Brand story: Black swan:it has only one partner in its whole life. If its partner passes away, it will no longer seek another one. The implication is the unseparated loving couples.


 一生仅你是女性经期用品礼盒。我针对中国市场,改变以女性为主的一贯消费群体,让男性成为购买者,将卫生巾做为赠品,从而产生物质利益和情感共鸣。诞生特别的品牌故事,以清雅的格调站立在同类产品中,避免尴尬而不失温情。 品牌故事:黑天鹅:它一生仅一个伴侣,倘若一方离去,则它不再寻伴。寓意相守不离的爱情。


Client - Shenzhen Meise Biotechnology (China)

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